Dana Ritchie -Treasurer

​          Treasurer@tarrantarch.org

Mail: North Texas Archeological Society

P.O. Box 24679

​Ft. Worth, TX  76124

Email:  Info@tarrantarch.org

           Gen Freix - internet 

​           internetchair@tarrantarch.org


   Molly Hall - Newsletter editor


​               Chris Meis - Immed-Past Pres

​                  Pastpres@tarrantarch.org

          Lloyd Erwin - Secretary

​          Secretary@tarrantarch.org

James Everett - President


North Texas Archeological Society Board

Contact us 

 Mail: North Texas Archeological Society   

P.O. Box 24679

        Ft. Worth, TX 76124

​Email: info@tarrantarch.org

       Catrina Whitley-Vice President of Projects


            Linda Lang - Historian


History of North Texas Archeological Society

Formerly Tarrant County Archeological Society 

In 1955, Tarrant County Archeological Society was organized through the efforts of Robert E. Forrester and a others from the Dallas Archeological Society.  This new society had a slow and uncertain start.  

The first monthly announcement of a TCAS meetings was printed 1959 and the first newsletter with substantive articles was published in November of 1975.  TCAS has grown in the 60 plus years into an active society that is preserving north central Texas history.  In November 2018, Tarrant County Archeological  Society voted to change the name to North Texas Archeological Society since almost half the members live across North Texas.

​​North Texas Archeological  Society

Formerly Tarrant County Archeological Society 

Bryan Jameson  - Vice President